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A work permit is a legal document that allows a foreigner to legally streamline his or her employment/work status in the Republic of South Sudan. It is issued by the National Ministry of Labor (Department of Alien Employment). Procedures for processing a work permit are as follow:-. Alien should apply to the ministry for issuance of work permit.

Approved Mining Permits and Contracts

2015-5-13 · Mining Tenements. Pro-Forma Mining Contracts. Approved Mining Permits and Contracts. Mining Application in Regional Offices. Appeals Filed in MGB Central Office. Mining Tenement Maps. Integrated Map pursuant to E.O. No. 79 (2012) MPP Compliance Monitoring. Mineral Resource/Reserve Inventory.


2018-6-12 · List all the job categories that will be employed on the mine, from the mine manager to the unskilled labourers, including those of subcontractors and service providers. State the qualifications required for each job category State. Part time or. Full time. Qtr1 (R''000) Qtr2 (R0''00) Qtr3 (R''000) Qtr4 (R''000) Qtr5 (R''000) Qtr6 (R''000 ...

Section 40E permit

The Section 40E Permit System. Permit holders using hand-held tools can gain access to a nominated area of Crown land or certain conservation land on a granted exploration licence, described by graticular blocks, for a period of three months. Prospecting is limited to Crown land within a granted exploration licence.

Entry requirements

You should register with the Aliens Department at the Ministry of Interior within 3 days of your arrival in the country. You will need 2 passport size photos. The fee is the Sudanese Pound ...

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South Carolina has about 500 active mine operating permits. In 1974, the S.C. Mining Act was passed to ensure all mined lands would be returned to some useful purpose and for the protection of people and the environment. The Act and regulations outline the application process, how to conduct mine operations, and minimum reclamation standards. The Act defines mining as the …

Mining Permit Search

2022-6-16 · Mining Permit Search The current browser does not support Web pages that contain the IFRAME element. To use this Web Part, you must use a browser that supports this element, such as Internet Explorer 7.0 or later.

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How to apply for a Mining Permit in South Africa as

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2018-3-20 · Between 2010 and 2014, more than $4.5 billion worth of gold was smuggled from Sudan to the United Arab Emirates, according to the report of the U.N. panel of experts. [4] Type of population: Rural: Start of the conflict: 2015: …

Drilling & Mining Permits

2022-6-28 · Drilling/ Well Permits for Oil, Gas and Solution Salt Mining and Other Regulated Wells. The following permits apply to any oil, gas or solution salt mining well of any depth, as well as any brine disposal, geothermal or stratigraphic well deeper than 500 feet: Drill, deepen, plug-back or convert a well. Shut-In or temporarily abandon a well.

Permit/Licence Application Guidelines | Ministry of Mines …

E-Services provided by Ministry of Mines and Steel Development. TOLL FREE: 080 0020 00300 +234 908 740 4761, +234 908 740 4762, +234 908 740 4763 iaismp [email protected] . Register Login. ... Permit/Licence Application Guidelines; Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Department 1. Formalization of Artisanal Miners ...

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