Togo launches e-visa

2022-7-1 · Public services. Friday, 01 July 2022 15:23. (Togo First) - Togo is launching its electronic visa (e-Visa), a new version of its national travel platform ( ). "From now on, anyone wishing to enter or leave Togo must first visit," wrote in a joint note, Ministers Yark Damehame, and Cina Lawson ...

ia Energy

Mineral Mining administers the Certification Program for persons working in mineral mines whose duties require competency, skill and knowledge to perform consistently and safely. The following certifications are offered: Surface Foreman (responsible for areas where blasting may occur) Surface Foreman Open Pit. Underground Foreman. Surface Blaster.

Mine Permitting

2022-5-5 · The Mines Act regulates all mining activities in British Columbia – from early exploration to development, production, reclamation, closure, and post-closure. A permit must be in place before any work in, on, or about a mine can occur. Permits are issued by the Chief Permitting Officer under section 10 of the Mines Act, and are administered ...

Reforms relative to construction permits

2022-6-8 · Reforms relative to Dealing with construction permits. After moving from the 133rd to 127th place under the 2020 Doing Business'' construction permit index, Togo intends to reiterate this feat in the coming edition of the global ranking. To this end, it …

Approved Mining Permits and Contracts

2015-5-13 · Mining Tenements. Pro-Forma Mining Contracts. Approved Mining Permits and Contracts. Mining Application in Regional Offices. Appeals Filed in MGB Central Office. Mining Tenement Maps. Integrated Map pursuant to E.O. No. 79 (2012) MPP Compliance Monitoring. Mineral Resource/Reserve Inventory.

Ferrex Nayega project concludes Mining Convention in Togo

2015-4-1 · Togo – Negotiations for the Mining Convention for the Ferrex Nayega manganese project in northern Togo has been concluded. Ferrex is AIM-quoted and focused on manganese and iron ore projects in Africa. Nayega is held through its 85% owned subsidiary SGM SARL. This is a positive outcome for both the Company and the government as the document ...

Mining Program | NC DEQ

2  · The $400 annual operating fee must be submitted by September 1 of each year, with the required Annual Reclamation Report as required by GS 74-55. Failure to submit the fee by the required deadline will result in a $50 per month late fee and could result in the denial of future permit actions and/or revocation of a mining permit.

New York denies air permit to Bitcoin mining power plant

2022-7-1 · The logo of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is seen on a symbolic "Bitcoin coin". Bitcoin miners in New York state faced a regulatory blow today as …


2020-7-29 · Togo''s significant gold, iron ore and uranium deposits as well as an abundance of other minerals such as phosphate, limestone, and marble are attracting both domestic and international investment interest. Current estimates suggest that the mining industry accounts for over 20% of Togo''s export earnings.

Togo Mining Cadastre Portal

This Public Mining Cadastre Portal provides a spatial view into the mining cadastre data for Togo and is intended to improve stakeholder communications, reduce corruption and improve transparency in the Togo mining sector. 00°00''00" N 00°00''00" E

Mining Gold and other Minerals in Togo

Mining Gold and other Minerals in Togo - RareGoldNuggets


2010-9-17 · APPLICATION FOR A MINING PERMIT -5- p. Names of owners of record, both public and private, of all tracts of land that are adjoining the mining permit boundary which lie directly across and are contiguous to any highway, creek, stream, river, or other watercourse, railroad track, or utility or other public right-of-way. If an adjoining tract is ...

Togo: Mining, Minerals and Fuel Resources

2019-9-1 · Togo: All mining data now accessible online Lomé is looking to determine the impacts of mining activities on vulnerable populations Togo''s phosphate output in …

Mining Licences Services | TUMEMADINI

3.2 Primary Mining Licence -PML. PMLs are renewed as per Section 56(2) of the Mining Act Cap 123. Special Mining Licence and Mining Licence (SML and ML) SMLs and MLs are renewed as per Section 45(2) and 53(2) of the Mining Act Cap 123 respectively. 4.Cancellation of Licence. The Licensing Authority may cancel or suspend a licence due to:

Togo to revise its mining regulations

2018-10-3 · Togo plans to revise its mining regulations, under its mining governance and development project (PGDM). The move should focus on three main axes: ... After moving from the 133rd to 127th place under the 2020 …

Mining Gold and other Minerals in Togo

Mining Laws and Regulations Togo 2022. ICLG - Mining Laws and Regulations - covers common issues in mining laws and regulations – including the acquisition of rights, ownership requirements and restrictions, processing, transfer and encumbrance, environmental aspects, native title and land rights.. Hot off the press

Premier African Minerals receives gold exploration permits …

2013-1-8 · Aim-listed Premier African Minerals on Tuesday said it had secured two gold exploration permits that cover 400 km2 in the highly prospective Dapaong area, in Togo, West Africa. The miner indicated ...

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